What Is the Difference Between A Day of Coordinator and A Wedding Planner?

What Is the Difference Between A Day of Coordinator and A Wedding Planner?

These two terms are sometimes confusing. There have been situations where people even think that they are the same. However, they are not. So how can you distinguish between them and what are their benefits?  We thought we'd help answer that with this post. Knowing what they both do can help you decide which you'll need for your wedding.

A wedding planner is like your best friend, where your wedding is concerned. They are the most involved wedding professional that you'll use in your planning. They'll help take the stress of wedding planning off you. It is their duty to help with your planning and turn your wedding vision into reality.

A Day of Coordinator, on the other hand, is mainly focused on your wedding day itself. They'll, however, also help with your wedding planning. Most people contact a day-of coordinator three months before their wedding day. They can help you tie up the loose ends of your plans and set everything in motion.

So, how do you know which you need for your wedding? The answer lies in your response to the following few questions. So, grab your favorite drink and a chair. Let's decide on which works best for your wedding between a planner and a day-of coordinator.

  • What Is Your Wedding Budget?

What you have budgeted for your wedding plays a huge role in which of these professionals you may use. In the end, you have to settle for whichever works best for your budget. Most wedding planners take between 10 to 15% of your total budget. The percentage they go for depends on what needs to be done. When it comes to a day of coordinator, there is usually a flat rate.

  • Do You Have A Lot of Free Time?

The planning of your wedding can be very tasking. You'll need to make lots of decisions and talk to many vendors. Coordinating and setting up meetings will take most of your time. If you have lots of time and planning comes naturally to you, then go ahead. A day of coordinator towards the end to tidy things up might be just what you need.

However, if you do not have 3-5 hours each week to spend on your wedding, contact a planner. If you have those hours but have no idea what to do either, a planner can help too. They'll help set you on the right path and make sure things get done fast.

  • How Much Do You Know About the Wedding Industry?

It is one thing to make a wedding budget. It's, however, another whole thing to stick to it. Without prior knowledge of the wedding industry, you could get in trouble. You need to know how to make the best deals. If you have the experience, you can set things up and get a day of coordinator to monitor them.

For couples with inexperience, a planner is best. You'll be paying for their experience and connections in the industry. They'll use their relationships to your advantage and set your wedding up nicely. Knowledge of the wedding industry can be vital in deciding which of these professionals is right for you.

  • How Great Are You at Handling Stress?

Even an elopement wedding can be stressful. For one thing, you'll have to get and file your marriage license papers. Planning a full wedding comes with even more stress. If you can take it on and remain graceful, then go for a day of coordinator. If you know there's a chance you might turn into a bridezilla, please get a wedding planner.

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