Unique Guestbook Ideas

Unique Guestbook Ideas

When your wedding is over you will receive hundreds of photos and a wedding gift. A wedding guest book is an alternative way to remember your special day. your wedding book will provide you personal messages from your guests to you. Below, please find a few wedding guest book ideas.

1. Print one of your engagement photos into wood and have guests sign around it

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2. Create a quilt for everyone to sign

Creative guest book ideas

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3. Photo Booth guestbook: (1) Snap a picture; (2) Leave a note for the bride and groom; (3) Place the picture and note in a guest book


4. Wood Dropbox

Have each guest sign a wood piece in a shape of a heart and place it into one large heart with your name and wedding date

Creative guestbook ideas

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5. Unity Bottle

Have guess sign a unity bottle for your 1st, 5th, and 10th year wedding anniversary 

alternative wedding guest book

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Tip for your guest book

  • Leave clear instructions for your guests. They should know where and how to sign
  • Make sure your guests have ample pens and pencils to write with
  • Test your pens in advance to make sure they work properly for your special day


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