Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Tips for Choosing your Bridesmaid Dress Color

After choosing your wedding date and venue you will most likely began to think about bridesmaid dresses. You have probably thought: what color will my bridesmaids wear. If you need a few tips to aid you I choosing the perfect color for your bridesmaid dress read below!

Consider Your Wedding Venue

After you setup your decor what will your wedding venue look like? Does your venue call for a black tie event or would your guest be more comfortable in a relaxed setting? Is the lighting in the room dark or well lit? You can use the ambiance of your wedding venue after it is decorated to help you decide which bridesmaid dress colors to choose. You most likely would not choose bright red long dresses if your wedding venue is a chic barn. There are alot of things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid dress color. The venue is one of the things to consider 

Consider Your Wedding Theme

What is the theme of your wedding? Have you chosen specific colors to match the theme? What vibe are you looking for at your wedding? Do you want a rustic or vintage look, romantic and soft, bold and contemporary, dark and sexy? The theme of your wedding can aid you in your color choice

If you chose a romantic look you would most likely choose light colors such as peach, rose, pink, nude, vanilla, etc. If you chose a rustic look you would like choose yellow, stone, grey, cinnamon, olive green, etc.

Consider the Season Of Your Wedding

Are you getting married in the spring, fall, winter, or summer? The time of year can heavily influence the color of your bridesmaid dress. Some colors are not available all year round. Another consideration is that light blue fits better in the spring time rather than the winter time where a navy blue may be more suited 

Consider YOURSELF!

When choosing the color of your bridesmaid dresses do not forget to consider yourself! The color of your bridesmaid dresses should reflect your personality as well. You can mix and match colors, have bridesmaids where the same color, do different shades of one color, the choose are endless


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