Staying Organized When Wedding Planning

Staying Organized When Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding can turn out to be quite tasking. It is not a walk in the park, and even when you’re going for something simple, you have to work hard. Most couples soon discover that between the countless meetings, sampling, and other services, it is easy to forget important things. To help you avoid that, we’ve come up with some great tips that work. They’ll help you stay organized while planning your biggest celebration yet.

  • Make A List

Write down as many things as you can. It’s the easiest way to remember and stay organized while planning. Ask your partner to sit with you, and you can map out what needs to be done for your wedding to be a success. After deciding that, it’s time to make a scale of importance. Which of those things you put down should be done before the others? Use this to break the list down into steps. You can then revisit and reorganize this as needed.

  • Color Code Where Possible

Numerous planners give you spaces for wedding-related tasks that you can color code. Use a different color for each vendor and stick to them. That way, at a simple glance you can tell what you need to do for the week. It’ll also let you know when to schedule appointments, send an email or pay a deposit that is due.

  • Communicate

When it comes to your wedding planning, you have to communicate and do so clearly. You don’t want signals or ideas mixed up. When you communicate clearly and follow up, they’ll be fewer mistakes. Also, do your best to keep things official and professional, especially with your email or text headings. Don’t forget to double-check that you’ve covered all you want to say before you press send too.

  • Use Teamwork

There’s a reason why your loved ones become members of your wedding party. It is so that they can support where necessary. Planning is too big for you to handle by yourself. Delegate things to them and get the extra stress off your back. Some tasks may solely belong to you, like your bridal fitting, but with others, rely on your loved ones to help.

  • Start Your Planning on Time

Starting your wedding planning early enough has many advantages. You won’t be rushing to catch up, and you’ll have enough time to make sure things are right. Being in this zone will help keep you organized while you plan your wedding. However, don’t forget to enjoy your engagement for some time before you start officially.

  • Make Use of Timelines

Timelines help you break all your wedding tasks into small and manageable chunks. Do you have 12 months, 9 months, or less to plan your wedding? A well-detailed timeline will help make things easier and keep you on schedule.

  • Keep Everything Together

All your ideas, even the ones you think are bad, should be easily accessible to you. You can do that by keeping everything wedding-related in one place. Create a physical or online folder for all things wedding related. You can also make use of a Pinterest board where possible. That way, it’ll be easy to track an idea or inspiration that you think might be useful. Best of luck!!!

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