Picking The Right Color Scheme For Your Wedding

Picking The Right Color Scheme For Your Wedding

Picking the Right Color Scheme for Your Wedding

Your wedding color scheme is very important. That’s why picking the right one can seem like a giant task. For one thing, it’s harder than just choosing your two favorite colors and combining them. It’ll be the foundation of every detail your wedding décor, is based on. Thankfully we have found the right inspiration to help you figure out your color scheme. Here are some great tips from us here at DLG Bridal that will set you on the right path.

  • Your Location Can Be Your Inspiration

While searching for your wedding venue, have some colors in mind. Think of the colors that would look great in that setting. The colors of the reception space or a great view could spark your idea. This idea is essential because this way, you can be sure that your colors will not clash with your venue. Rather, they’ll enhance your venue by creating a great atmosphere and opportunities for outstanding wedding pictures.  

  • Your Dreams Are Valid

What do you see when you imagine your wedding? While your venue is quite important, this is too. For example, if there are any heirlooms you can’t do without, your color scheme should fit them. Use them as you decide on your color scheme rather than trying to find a way to make them fit in later.

  • Consider the Season of Your Wedding

Will you be having your wedding in the summer, winter, autumn, or spring? Choosing the right colors could bring out the best of the season in your wedding. However, this doesn’t mean you should cancel some color ideas completely because they would not fit in the season. If you concentrate on things like texture, you might find that there are multiple ways to still make those colors work.

  • Remember That Your Colors Will Help Set the Mood

The colors you pick for your wedding will play a huge part in the atmosphere at your event. What mood do you want to be prevalent at your wedding? Some that you should consider are romance, luxury, vintage, or class. You can use your wedding colors to portray these. You can also add some dramatic flair to your day using particular colors.

  • Do Lots of Research

From magazines and Pinterest boards to even your home colors, you can find inspiration for your wedding colors. Use the colors you are drawn to the most too. Don’t forget to include your partner in this decision also. It’s their special day too.

  • Work with The Color Wheel

The color wheel can make picking your wedding colors very easy. All you have to do is keep in mind that opposites work well together. Neighbor colors on the wheel are also similar and share a primary color.

  • The Relax

Don’t spend too much time worrying and thinking about your color palette. Chances are that most of your friends are already asking, and that could mean you feel pressured to make a decision quickly. Don’t let that happen to you. Take your time and decide on which works best for you. Best of luck!!!

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