I Am Engaged. Now What?

I Am Engaged. Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement!!! We are so excited and happy for you here at DLG Bridal. We also know that you want to get it right with everything from this very moment. So, you’ll probably be asking yourself “Now what?”

If the person we’ve described above is you, then you’re on the right path. Asking these questions will lead to taking the proper steps to a successful wedding. We’ve also decided to help. So, for couples who just engaged, here are seven important things to do right after.

  • Celebrate

Engagements can be very fleeting. One moment you’re saying “I do” and the next, your neck-deep in wedding planning. Before you know it, you’ll be married. You, however, have to celebrate being engaged too.

This will only happen once in your relationship, so take the chance to flaunt your ring all that you can. Have a dinner date and take a moment to relax. You deserve all the happiness that comes with getting engaged.

  • Make Announcements

The first set of people to tell are your close loved ones. They should learn of this good news first, before the rest of the world gets to see it on social media. A simple phone call, text message, or dm will do the trick. Then you can put up all those gorgeous ring pictures on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat.

  • Get Ring Insurance

Speaking of gorgeous rings, you might want to insure yours. Depending on the length of your engagement, this will save you from too much pain if you lose it. So many unexpected things happen, but with your ring insured, you can have peace of mind.

  • Plan Your Engagement Party

With the current pandemic, you probably can’t do something too big but you should still have a party. Just a few people close to you to celebrate this new milestone in your relationship is fine. The rest of your loved ones can join through live stream or Zoom.  Just remember that wedding etiquette says the people you put on your engagement party list have to get wedding invites too.

  • Write Down Your Wedding Vision

It’s time to gather your ideas for your wedding in one place. Do not be afraid to use every resource possible for this. If you see it and like it, save it. Take pictures, cut out magazines, and make Pinterest boards. Don’t limit yourself at this initial stage. Much later, when you really get into planning, you can streamline them based on your style, color scheme, story, and wedding budget.

Check out our article on how to pick the right color scheme for your wedding.

  • Think of A Wedding Date

By now you’d have been asked by your loved ones many times already. You’ll probably be tired of being asked when it's happening. But that’s not the reason for us asking you to think of a date. Choosing one will help you put a timeframe to your wedding planning.

A great place to start is by thinking of what season you’d love to get married in. You can then work down from that to the month and the perfect wedding date. You can also go with anniversaries like when you first met or your first date if you wish.

  • Research Your Main Vendors

It’s time to pick a wedding planner, photographer, and caterer. Then you can get started with finding your wedding venue and getting the perfect wedding dress and accessories from us. Once you have those sorted out, start building your wedding vendor team, and begin your wedding planning fully. Best of luck!

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