How To Prepare A Wedding Day Timeline

How To Prepare A Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding day timeline is one of the best tools you can create for your wedding. Timing is very important to the success of your celebration, so you must get things right. If there’s one generally agreed on concept, it’s that your wedding day flies. One moment you're waking up and the next, you’re riding off into the sunset for happily ever after.

If you don’t time your wedding day activities right, you could find yourself rushing to keep up. That’s why a wedding day timeline is important. It’ll help you break everything that happens on that day into small blocks. You can then assign a time frame to these blocks and stick to your schedule.

All wedding day timelines are not the same. They differ according to the wedding theme, vendors, and the couple getting married. They do however share some similarities, so with a general template, you can get started creating yours. In line with that, here’s a template from us to guide you on starting your wedding day timeline from scratch. Don’t worry, with these, you’ll be ready with a functional wedding day timeline before you know it. 

  • Put Down Confirmed Details First

Begin your wedding day timeline by putting down the confirmed details of that day first. These are your ceremony start time/finish time and your reception start/finish time. Putting these down will help you tailor the rest of your day to make these times work. You can also ask for things like your vendor setup times. They’ll give you the framework on which to plan all your wedding day activities.

  • Fill in Other Details

So now you have those confirmed details put down, it’s time to sort out the rest. You can do this by filling out the blanks. For example, you should fill the blank between when you wake up and your ceremony with getting ready, your first look session (If you’re having one), and so on. You can work forwards or backward to do this. Picture yourself on your wedding day to make this easier.

  • Talk to Your Vendors

Your wedding vendors have to do their part to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. So, when is your wedding venue opening for set up? When will your florist, caterer, and DJ arrive? Ask them for these details so that you can include them in your schedule. You can also ask questions like how long it would take them to set up to make things more detailed.

  • Expand on Your Timeline

Now that you have your timeline set up, it’s time to expand on it. Include brief notes that say who is doing what and when. You can also include details of what they’ll bring along and their contact information. It’ll help clarify the flow of your wedding day.

  • Share It with Key People

Once you’re done with your timeline, transfer it to print and share it with your point persons. Your wedding planner, venue coordinator, maid of honor, and best man should have a copy. Your vendors will also need copies so that they know where they stand. This will give everyone a reference to fall back on and they’ll know who to contact. If you make any last-minute changes after sharing them, remember to inform everyone who has a copy.

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