Honeymoon Fund: Yay Or Nay?

Honeymoon Fund: Yay Or Nay?


A Honeymoon fund is another new tradition in the wedding industry. It involves guests giving money towards the couple’s honeymoon as opposed to purchasing gifts for the bride and groom to be. The bride and groom to be provides their honeymoon itinerary and the guests gives money towards the honeymoon experience.

Some couples also have a registry and a honeymoon fund. This is for guests who would feel more comfortable buying the bride and groom to be traditional gifts. Should you have a Honeymoon fund for your wedding? Is it a yay or a nay?

What Is A Honeymoon Fund?

A honeymoon fund is a gift fund hosted by couples just like a registry. Guests are provded a chance to sponsor the couple on their honeymoon. This is advantageous in cases where the couple is already living together, for instance.

Couples already staying together do not need home-building materials as they’d have already bought those. Probably a long time ago. This often puts guests in a situation where they do not know what to purchase or end up getting them things they already have.

This is a bit unpalatable, so it then makes sense for their guests to give towards something else. Some people, however, feel that having a honeymoon fund is tacky. They think it equates to asking your guests for money and is in bad taste. But is it?

Yay or Nay

The question of whether a honeymoon fund is in bad taste or not is one that is very much debated. The answer to the question, however, mainly depends on your type of guests. So, what kind of guest will you be inviting to your wedding.

Guests of a much older disposition may find it tacky. These are the same type of guests who think giving money at weddings is in bad taste. They’d instead just buy you a gift for your new home.

However, you can get some of these guests to invest in the honeymoon fund by phrasing it right. You can tell them to gift you experiences, like a gondola ride, for example, or a luxury spa day. This is as opposed to asking for money for a spa day.

Phrasing things this way could help them feel more comfortable with the process. You also have to make sure you avoid including your Honeymoon Fund link in your invites. This is the same as including your registry in there and is considered bad etiquette.

For the much younger generation of guests, a honeymoon fund could be a great idea. So, if the average age of guests coming to your wedding is between 20 to 30, you should face no opposition. They’ll understand how gifting you an experience is still an excellent way for them to celebrate your love.

  • In Conclusion

Choosing whether to have a honeymoon fund or not ultimately depends on what you want as a couple. If you’re okay with it and have guests that won’t mind, then you should go ahead. If you’re, however, from a family who will be attending and might pick offense, it might be better to avoid having one. You can still dedicate the regular money gifts that you get during your wedding towards your honeymoon. Best of luck!!!